The best kind of shoes to wear with leggings

Leggings are one of the best things that have happened to women’s style and wardrobe. They’re comfortable, shapely, relaxed, and trendy! There aren’t a lot of clothing items that can substitute such a versatile and snappy item of clothing.

If you wear leggings you probably workout too, so I recommend you read this article about best workout leggings and this one about the best workout shoes.

Leggings can go well with almost any kind of top, provided you’re going for a casual and comfortable look. But the crucial element, when it comes to leggings, is the shoes. That’s right! Leggings don’t always go well with all types of footwear, and it can be frustrating when your look does not add up.

Fortunately, we have put together this list of the best kind of shoes to wear with leggings. Each option mentioned here can suit a particular occasion, or add a touch of style to your overall look.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats come with minimal design and a subtle look. This makes them blend really well with your leggings.  The best part of flat shoes is that your weight is evenly distributed across the soles of your feet. This makes it easier for you to move and walk. Ease of movement is one of the main reasons why flats and leggings make a great match.

Lace-up sneakers

Lace-up sneakers remain one of the most popular choices of shoes while wearing leggings. It’s a go-to option because it naturally blends in with the athletic feel of your pants. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of shoes to wear with leggings, the lace-up sneaker is your best bet!

Also, sneakers are essentially the most comfortable footwear out there. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re running errands or out for brunch with a friend. Lace-up sneakers have minimal pressure on your feet and legs, making it a healthier option too.


Loafers aren’t the first choice of shoes when it comes to leggings. This is because most of us do not picture them as ideal for a sporty look.  But that’s also part of the reason why they work so well. Leggings aren’t just confined to yoga pants and work-out pants. Matching your pants up with a nice pair of loafers can give you a unique and chic look. This look works very well because it combines a casual look with a fashionable appearance. You can complete the look with a long shirt or sweater to balance things up. If temperatures are low, a blazer over the long shirt will give you a more presentable and warm outfit.


Slides are simply the most convenient and easy footwear to have in your wardrobe. Unless you’re attending an event or occasion, they can be paired with any casual outfit. With leggings, slides give you much more freedom of movement and relief.

Slides are a great choice when the weather is too hot for sneakers, and you just want to step out for a quick outing. Whether it’s matched with a jacket or a shirt, slides will give you the ‘street’ look with ease. For the new-age fashionista, slides and leggings make up the new casual and leisure look.

Over-the-knee boots

Long boots that reach up over your knee can give you a sultry and sophisticated look. When you wear it with a pair of leggings, it gives you a more shapely and toned appearance. Together, they provide you with style, class, and a dash of chic-ness!

Over-the-knee boots are one of the hottest pairs of fun-shoes a woman can own, and the leggings add more life and shape to the look. Whether it’s with a sweater or a fitted jacket, the boot-leggings combo will surely turn heads when you’re out partying with friends.

Knee-high boots

Leggings remain true to their shape and look when paired with boots of almost any length. This is true even for boots that reach up to your knees. While ankle boots give variety, knee-high boots can easily take your style up a notch. When we say leggings, we don’t just mean tights. A sexy pair of leather pants can draw attention to your legs and stride.

The knee-high boots and leggings combo is a favorite during autumn when it’s chilly enough but not too cold yet. Having said that, this look can be worn in almost any situation.

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