How should I organize my college backpack?

Image of a college backpack

It’s easy for backpacks to look clean and sorted at the start of college, but a few weeks into your classes, and the inside of the bag can soon become a disaster.

But do not fret, we can help you get right on track to an organized backpack year-round.

Read along to find out the tips and tricks on how to organize your college backpack.

First thing first, as much as you love your super cute tiny backpack, you would have to ditch them because you will have only one or two places to jumble all your things.

Get The Right Backpack

So the first thing to do is to get a decent size backpack with two or more pockets. Some bags come with inner pockets or flaps inside the main pocket, which is always a better option.
For more information on how to choose the right college backpack, and which backpacks are the best, you can read the following article about the best backpacks for college:


The next step is to separate all your essentials into categories. This is how your categorization should look like:

1. Group all your notebooks, folders, extra paper together.

2. Then your school supplies or pouch pen, that is, your pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, eraser, sticky notes, etc.

3. Next is to categorize your makeup, lotion, hand sanitizer, hair ties, safety pins, mints, mini deodorant, duct tape, tampons or pads, etc.

4. Then your umbrella, keys, etc.

5. And then your laptop or iPad, and phone charger.

Combine Your Supplies For Effective Result

Now, before you randomly throw these groupings in your backpack, it is preferable to consolidate your school supplies wherever you can for painless access.

To have separate notebooks for all your subjects can become a hassle and create a mess, so it is a suggestion to consolidate your notebooks and folders.

To do this, you can get one of the customizable notebook systems. This is good because you won’t have to worry about running out of pages.

And rather than having a folder for each of your subjects, combine them into a file. To do this, get an expanding file system, this file has multiple folder sections inside. Doing this will help you separate all your paper but have them all in one place. Talk about accessibility!

To prevent from rummaging through your backpack’s pocket to find that one lip gloss, it is ideal first to put them in a pouch to have them organized and easily accessible in your backpack.

Firstly, get a pouch for your pens and pencils. Much safer this way because pens and pencils always have a way of disappearing on us. 

Then for your makeup and other miscellaneous stuff, the best suggestion is to get a pouch with multiple sections and compartmentalize your things as you deem fit.

How To Pack Your Bag

And now, the final step is to pack your backpack. The easiest way to pack your backpack is to organize your things from the biggest to the smallest. That way, you will save more space. Start with the main pocket of your bag. Put in your file, which has all your papers — then followed by your notebook and so on. You may place your laptop or iPad in this pocket too.

Next, put your miscellaneous pouch, which you will not frequently need in one of the inner flaps the main pocket comes with. Then moving on to the medium-sized front pocket, you can put your pens and pencils pouch into that pocket. Then you can put your keys, earphones, etc. for easy access. Or if your bag has more pockets in the front, you can put them into that pocket. 


Now that your backpack is organized and all sorted, you will find that you have a lot more room to fit in more stuff. You can always add extra things you will need, like a water bottle, umbrella, etc. I hope these backpack organization tips help you keep your backpack clutter-free. After all, an organized backpack will lead to a clear-cut mind.

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